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Student Services

Student Employment: Work and sports improve academic performance. University of United Angeles encourages students to work. The university shall have various student work programs. Our community partners also shall have a number of jobs off campus which they shall often offer to our students. Working helps reduce student debt, builds their resume and self confidence and increases their chance of success in community. Students will be encouraged to visit Student Services to see jobs that are available on and off campus. To work on campus during the school year, a student must take at least 12 credit hours of classes on campus. For summer employment on campus, a student must be enrolled for summer classes or be accepted and pre-registered for at least 12 credit hours of classes on campus for the fall quarter.

University Medical and Wellness Center: University Medical and Wellness Center shall work to promote good health for all students, faculty, staff and others seeking health care services. All students taking more than 6 credits must be covered by a health insurance plan. Students shall be advised to make sure that they have coverage throughout their entire education on campus. A complete physical including TB test is recommended for new students, faculty and staff. This examination can be performed by your regular physician or it can be done at the University Medical and Wellness Center.

University Church: University Church shall be a house of worship for all God’s children – students, faculty, staff and people from the community including visitors from out of town and out of state. In this beautifully designed structure, the name of the Lord Jesus shall be lifted high with praise and thanksgiving. The spoken word shall be presented with passion and power to heal and restore the broken-hearted and to renew the listener’s vision for life today and more so for the life to come.

Student Housing: University of United Angeles student housing services exist to foster an atmosphere of learning and service to others. Our students married or single shall have an opportunity to be part of a vibrant and active Los Angeles community. There will be a wide range of housing options including apartments and houses close to campus that are owned by our community partners at affordable housing market rates. Each facility shall have a kitchen, a table, a cooker and a refrigerator. 

Students Association: University of United Angeles Students Association known as UUASA shall aim to improve the quality of life for all students on UUA campus. Student clubs which shall operate under the overall leadership of the Students Association shall provide students, faculty and staff opportunity to connect based on their common interests.  Clubs and their activities shall be run by students. Each club shall be sponsored by a faculty or a staff member. The office of Student Services shall oversee the approval of new clubs and club events.



Scholarships for Students Researchers and Scholars shall be coordinated in the Interdisciplinary Scholars Office (ISO) administered under Student Services. This program was designed to encourage excellence in academics and research across interdisciplinary studies on UUA campus. Recipients (undergraduates, graduates, and scholars) shall be awarded scholarships for their: (a) academic performance, (b) ability to explore new horizons in academics and employment, (c) personal and intellectual backgrounds including student leadership on campus and in the community and (d) original research, collaborative thinking, and innovation.

Recipients for any one of the following awards shall be full-time students and shall be recommended by their faculty for their scholarly and research works. Recommendations shall be submitted to Deans via Department Chairs, shall be reviewed by Deans and by the Provost and shall be approved by the Academic Committee.

Research Seminars Award: Research seminars to be held every other week shall bring together undergraduates, graduates and faculty as well as scholars and distinguished visiting scholars. Students of all levels will be encouraged to lead a seminar on either their own job creation project proposals in-progress or research topics of particular interest to them.

With support of faculty and distinguished visiting scholars, presenters shall explore creative ideas in areas of job creation and employment. This intellectual collaborative relationship between the undergraduate students, researchers, scholars and faculty shall offer exchange of ideas and collaborative thinking from across intergenerational members of the university community.

Scholarships for Research Seminars Award are open to undergraduate students. The amount of each ward shall range from one to five awards per student, per year. One award is approximately seven to eight hundred dollars.

Scholars Symposium Award: Each year the Interdisciplinary Scholars Office will organize a symposium to which the entire university community will be invited. Presenters shall address the work that aims to stimulate local, national or international economic growth. Scholars will be given the opportunity for thoughtful pursuit of particular questions, providing insight into the methods for improving practice and contributing new knowledge in the field of employment.

Scholarships for Scholars Symposium Award are open to graduate students. The amount of each ward shall range from six to ten awards per student, per year. One award is approximately seven to eight hundred dollars.

Postdoctoral Scholars and Distinguished Visiting Scholars Award: Postdoctoral scholars and distinguished visiting scholars will participate in designing and executing research and academic writing which will involve both independent work and collaboration with colleagues on campus. Unlike the Research Seminars Award and the Scholars Symposium Award, postdoctoral scholars and distinguished visiting scholars will be encouraged to apply for the competitive Postdoctoral Scholars and Distinguished Visiting Scholars Awards.

Applicants must have been awarded a doctorate degree within five to ten years immediately preceding their applications. The date of degree completion shall be considered to be the date on which all requirements for the degree were met, including successful defense and submission of the final corrected doctoral thesis.

Scholarship awards for Postdoctoral Scholars and Distinguished Visiting Scholars shall range from thirty to sixty awards per scholar. One award is approximately seven to eight hundred dollars.

By providing financial support to its Students, Researchers and Scholars, University of United Angeles will encourage a culture of learning and quality research at the highest levels of creativity and originality across the university campus.

Support the First American University Designed to Educate and Graduate all Its Students with Jobs in Their Hands.