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University of United Angeles is a comprehensive job creation and employment research university. It is employee-owned and it is governed by a board of trustees. The University has a self-governing system made up of the university administration executive committee, the university senate, and the university board of trustees. Members that make up the University governance shall play a vital role in the leadership of the University as set out in the Constitution and Bylaws of the University. 

The University Administration Executive Committee 

The University Administration Executive Committee is the executive of the university and the advisory body to the university president. The president is the formal head of the University Executive Committee and shall chair the committee in the university’s strategic decision-making and operations. The Committee is responsible for general administration as well as the appointment of new faculty and staff members. Members of the University Executive Committee shall meet every second Tuesday of the week to make strategic decisions and operations for the university. 

The University Senate 

The University Senate is the representation of the ownership of the university. The Senate shall represent all university employees and students and shall work cooperatively to secure effective participation in the activities, policies and governance of the university.

The Senate shall be made up of 21 members. Their constituency composition shall include 6 members of the university administration, 6 members of faculty, 5 members of the general university staff and 4 members of the student body. 

The Senate shall be responsible for initiating proposals for constructive leadership and development of the university in academic, research and student life. Members of the Senate shall meet every Tuesday of the last month of each quarter to deliberate, propose, and recommend agenda of the university to the Board of Trustees for further consideration and approval. The chair of the Senate shall be a full-time senior employee of the university and shall chair the senate meetings in the university’s strategic decision making process.

Although Senate members are elected by a constituency of the University employees, their role is to contribute in the Senate meetings in a way which supports the best interests of the University as a whole, not to represent the constituency which elected them.

Members of the Senate have individual and collective responsibility to use their expertise to ensure that the objectives of the University are met and that the Senate properly and diligently exercises its functions and responsibility as one of the principal governing bodies of the University.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the university. The business and the affairs of the university shall be exercised under the governance of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees shall have ultimate and final authority in the governance of the university. The Board shall be made up of Ex Officio Members of the University together with members of the public whose nomination shall come from within UUA Constituency.

Administrative Structure

Meet the President

 Professor Edward Ntale Kananga is one of the founders of University of United Angeles. He was appointed Interim President of the University on February 28, 2018. On August 29 the Board of Trustees confirmed his position as President of the University with full responsibilities.

Prof. Kananga earned a bachelor of Education and a bachelor of Behavioral Science at Burman University in Lacombe, Alberta Canada; a master of science in Marriage and Family Therapy at Loma Linda University, in Loma Linda California; an education specialist degree in Education Administration and Leadership at La Sierra University, in Riverside California; and his doctor of psychology degree in Clinical Psychology at American Behavioral Studies Institute, in Santa Ana California.

Prof. Kananga  is a passionate educator and academic administrator.

His Rogerian teaching and student assessment methods and classroom management style have ensured effective learning environment and inspired self-confidence in students he taught at Burman University in Canada, University of Rwanda College of Medicine and Health Sciences, and Mount Kenya University in Rwanda. Prior to teaching, he worked as a Forensic Clinical Therapist for the County of San Bernardino in California.

Throughout his teaching career he carefully examined unemployment and its impact on individual lives, on families, on communities and nations. He is a leading advocate for excellence in teaching and research that have relevance to meeting human needs by way of advancing economic opportunity.

Professor Kananga’s immediate task is ensuring that University of United Angeles is adequately funded and staffed with innovative academic and administrative personnel who will actively enhance the vision, the mission and the mandate of the university. During his tenure he wants to see University of United Angeles as one of the outstanding innovative universities in America and around the world.

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Office of the President
7657 Winnetka Ave Unit 244
Los Angeles, California USA 91306

Tel: 818-435-3707
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University of United Angeles is a Comprehensive Job Creation and Employment Research University

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